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The USAID | Health Policy Initiative project is over. The current policy-focused USAID project is Health Policy Plus (HP+).


The Costing Task Order: Generating costing data for improved decision making (Project Overview)

Margaret Reeves  
Summer 2012
pdf   Full Document (pdf 560.7 kb)


Thid document provides an overview of the services provided by the Costing Task Order, as well as select examples of our work.

Document Type: Program Materials
No. of Pages:
Country: Global 
Keywords: Finance & Costing, Models, Policy Formulation, Counseling and Testing, PMTCT, HIV/AIDS, Prevention, MARPs (IDU, SW, MSM), Treatment, Workplace, Maternal Health, Strategic Planning, Male Circumcision, Software/Models/Tools, Male Circumcision Decisionmakers Tool , Workplace Policy Builder  

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