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Transitional Financing and the Response to HIV/AIDS In Botswana: A Country Analysis

P Stegman, A Avalos, K Jefferis, P Iyer, C Formson, W Mosime, S Forsythe.  
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To better understand some of the important issues that underlie future financing needs for Botswana's HIV/AIDS program, and to assist Government with critical information to address the need for more considered and detailed transition planning in a time of shrinking resources, the USAID | Health Policy Initiative, Costing Task Order carried out a transitional financing analysis. The aims were to provide an overview of the current and future (20-year) macroeconomic situation in Botswana to act as a backdrop against which the national response to HIV/AIDS must be sustained; and identify areas within three select HIV and AIDS-related programs (antiretroviral treatment [ART], preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV [PMTCT], and orphans care) where the potential could exist, and where efforts could be focused, to improve sustainability and program efficiency.

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Country: Botswana, AFRICA 
Keywords: Finance & Costing, HIV/AIDS 

Last Updated 1/8/14

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