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The USAID | Health Policy Initiative project is over. The current policy-focused USAID project is Health Policy Plus (HP+).

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The Impact of Family Planning on the Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)—a set of eight important, time-bound goals ranging from reducing poverty by half to providing universal primary education—represent a blueprint for global development agreed to by member states of the United Nations and international development institutions. However, achieving them will be a major challenge for many developing countries that are not "on track" to meet the goals by the target date of 2015. As stated by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, it will take time and commitment to mobilize the necessary resources, train the required personnel, and establish the needed infrastructure to meet the MDGs.

About the artwork
Originally developed by the MDGs Campaign in Brazil, the MDG icons are available for use in campaigns at national and global levels. You may download the high-quality images (.zip file) of these icons and use them in your own MDG-related campaigns.

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