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About Task Order 1

The USAID | Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1 (2005-2010), concluded on September 29, 2010. Policy work continues under the new Health Policy Project.

To learn more about Task Order 1 of the Health Policy Initiative and its lessons learned, please visit the end-of-project symposium page dedicated to Moving from Policy to Action.

Task Order 1 had two main components: global technical leadership in health policymaking and implementation and country-level applications in the field.

The task order served as the primary mechanism to support USAID core-funded FP/RH, HIV, and maternal health activities in policy dialogue, formulation, and implementation. Task Order 1 carried out global policy-relleadership activities, including:

  • designing indicators to measure overall IQC progress and impact;
  • facilitating use of new technologies to achieve health outcomes;
  • creating computer models and other tools to improve policymaking and strategic planning;
  • advancing new approaches to address health equity issues and broaden the policy process to include participation by the poor and other underserved, marginalized, or under represented groups;
  • promoting innovative strategies to strengthen multisectoral engagement and leadership; and
  • developing mechanisms to build and sustain institutional capacities to manage policy change.

In addition, Task Order 1 provided technical assistance and carried out field-supported activities at the country level. Technical assistance focused on improving health-related policy formulation, planning, and financing; strengthening government leadership and civil society participation; encouraging multisectoral coordination; and fostering evidence-based decisionmaking at the country level.

Task Order 1 was implemented by the consortium led by Futures Group.