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Socioeconomic Impacts of and Resource Requirements for HIV and AIDS (Brief) (ASEAN)

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Under the USAID Cooperation with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), HPI prepared a set of three materials titled the Socioeconomic Impact of and Resource Requirements for HIV/AIDS. This brief and a pamphlet summarize the findings of country-level studies in Cambodia, LAO PDR, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The full report details, for each country, (1) a realistic assessment of the potential impacts of HIV and AIDS; and (2) an estimation of the resources required and associated resource gap for an expanded HIV response. The Resource Needs Module and the National AIDS Spending Assessment were two tools used to arrive at the findings. All three documents will be used to foster dialogue and political leadership in response to HIV.

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Document Type: Technical Reports: Regional
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Keywords: Finance & Costing, Models, Policy Formulation, Care and Support, Counseling and Testing, PLHIV, GIPA, PMTCT, Prevention, MARPs (IDU, SW, MSM), Treatment 

Last Updated 6/27/09

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