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A-Squared Advocacy Training Manual

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From 2006-2007, HPI-TO1 developed the "A-Squared Advocacy Training Manual," which was adapted from the POLICY Project's (1999) "Networking for Policy Change: An Advocacy Training Manual." The manual draws from numerous HIV and advocacy resources and material from the Asia-Pacific region, and it integrates innovative approaches to advocacy and involvement in the policy development process that are specific to HIV epidemics in Asia, particularly China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The A-Squared Project aims to promote effective advocacy for evidence-based responses to HIV in Asia. The project is jointly implemented by Family Health International, the East-West Center, and the USAID | Health Policy Initiative. It is hoped that this manual will foster a greater understanding of the role of advocacy in policymaking and decionmaking and build advocacy skills that will promote the development of effective policies and appropriately targeted and funded HIV and AIDS programs in Asia.

The manual is only available electronically.

Document Type: Manuals/Guidelines
No. of Pages: 545 
Country: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Global, ASIA & MIDDLE EAST, Greater Mekong Region 
Keywords: Advocacy, Finance & Costing, HIV/AIDS, Curricula 

Last Updated 1/8/10

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