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Costing Male Circumcision in Lesotho and Implications for the Cost-Effectiveness of Circumcision as an HIV Intervention

Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1  
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This analysis is part of a larger study titled, "Costing Male Circumcision in Lesotho, Swaziland, and Zambia: Implications for Cost-Effectiveness of Circumcision as an HIV Intervention." The larger study has two major components: (1) costing MC and (2) modeling the impact of MC on the HIV epidemic. The purpose of the analysis in Lesotho was to (1) understand the social, cultural, and policy context of male circumcision; (2) assess the cost of providing adult MC in a resource-constrained setting; and (3) evaluate the implications of scaling up MC for the cost-effectiveness of MC and for the health system (e.g., resource mobilization and health system capacity).

Document Type: Technical Reports: Country
No. of Pages: 51 
Country: Lesotho 
Keywords: Finance & Costing, HIV/AIDS, Prevention, Male Circumcision 

Last Updated 1/15/10

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