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Movilizando apoyo político y recursos para la planificación familiar en un ambiente descentralizado: Lineamientos para países de América Latina y el Caribe

Margaret Saunders and Suneeta Sharma Add to cart
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This is the Spanish language version of "Mobilizing Political Support and Resources for Family Planning in a Decentralized Setting: Guidelines for Latin American and Caribbean Countries." This report presents some case studies of and guidelines for strengthening the policy environment for family planning (FP) in Latin American countries undergoing decentralization. The intended audiences are policymakers, program planners, and specialists in government and civil society organizations, including nongovernmental organizations working in family planning. The guidelines draw on literature on the decentralization of health systems in Latin America and on research findings garnered through key informant interviews in Bolivia and Mexico. The paper also draws on the experiences of USAID's POLICY Project and Task Order 1 of the USAID | Health Policy Initiative in addressing (from 1995 to the present) issues related to decentralization in Bolivia and contraceptive security in the region.

Document Type: Technical Reports: Regional
No. of Pages: 58 
Country: Bolivia, Mexico, LATIN AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN 
Keywords: FP/RH