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The RAPID Model: An Evidence-based Advocacy Tool to Help Renew Commitment to Family Planning Programs

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The RAPID Model is a computer-based tool that stakeholders can use to demonstrate the effect of rapid population growth on different sectors and the benefits of family planning (FP) programs. RAPID combines demographic and other data to assess the impact of high and declining fertility scenarios on health and education systems, the economy, and the environment, among others. RAPID is easily tailored to specific countries and indicators of interest. Presentations and booklets based on the RAPID analyses present complex information in a user-friendly way to encourage policy dialogue with diverse audiences, such as senior government decisionmakers, religious leaders, and district program planners. RAPID is part of the SPECTRUM Suite of Policy Models. This handout provides an overview of RAPID and shows how it has been used to renew commitment to family planning in Rwanda and Tanzania.

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Country: Rwanda, Tanzania, Global, AFRICA 
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