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Policy to Action
Improving Access to Healthcare Among the Poor

November 1, 2007

Constella Futures and the USAID | Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1 presented a meeting focusing on poverty and access to family planning and reproductive health. Two panel discussions addressed linkages between family planning and poverty, the importance of involving the poor in policymaking, and approaches to improving access to healthcare.

Full Agenda (pdf 236 kb)

Presenter Bios (pdf 84 kb)


  1. Overview: Approaches for Addressing Poverty and Health (pdf 629 kb)
  2. Reaching the Poor in India: Vouchers in UP (pdf 532 kb)
  3. Mobilizing Public Sector Resources for the poor in Peru (pdf 1116 kb)
  4. Achieving the MDGs: Contribution of FP (pdf 309 kb)
  5. Integrating FP Into PRSPs (pdf 493 kb)
  6. Projecting Health Needs of the poor (pdf 194 kb)

Featured Publications

Health Policy Initiative

Bullet MDG Briefs
Bullet Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): The Contribution of Fulfilling the Unmet Need for Family Planning
    Abstract         (pdf 425.3 kb)
Bullet Guidelines for Establishing Centers to Implement Alternative Dispute Resolution to Increase Access to Healthcare
    Abstract         (pdf 709.9 kb)
Bullet Health Policy Initiative IQC Flyer (English)
    Abstract         (pdf 102.4 kb)
Bullet Inequalities in the Use of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services: Implications for Policies and Programs
    Abstract         (pdf 245.7 kb)
Bullet Making Family Planning Part of the PRSP Process: A Guide for Incorporating Family Planning Programs into Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
    Abstract         (pdf 520.3 kb)
Bullet Socioeconomic Impacts of and Resource Requirements for HIV and AIDS (Brief)
    Abstract         (pdf 3,446.5 kb)
Bullet Socioeconomic Impacts of and Resource Requirements for HIV and AIDS (Full Report)
    Abstract         (pdf 6,369.9 kb)
Bullet Socioeconomic Impacts of and Resource Requirements for HIV and AIDS (Pamphlet)
    Abstract         (pdf 1,952.6 kb)

POLICY Project

Bullet Financing Reproductive & Child Health Care in Rajasthan
Bullet No. 1 Policy Aspects of Achieving Contraceptive Security
Bullet No. 2 Setting Priorities in Reproductive Health: Lessons Learned
Bullet No. 3 Targeting: A Key Element of National Contraceptive Security Planning
Bullet No. 4 Creating Conditions for Greater Private Sector Participation in FP/RH: Benefits for Contraceptive Security
Bullet No. 5 Ensuring Contraceptive Security for HIV-Positive Women
Bullet No. 6: Strengthening Contraceptive Security in Decentralized Settings
Bullet No. 16: Formal and Informal Fees for Maternal Health Care Services in Five Countries: Policies, Practices, and Perspectives
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