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an image of people in the regions where we work. an image of people in the regions where we work. an image of people in the regions where we work. an image of people in the regions where we work.

Current Projects

Costing Task Order
This task order strengthens capacity for strategic information use, with a focus on analyzing cost-effectiveness data and estimating resource needs for HIV and other health interventions.

Greater Mekong and China
HPI/GMR-C promotes an enabling environment for HIV programs in the Greater Mekong region and southern China, especially for the most-at-risk populations.

South Africa
The objective of HPI/South Africa is to strengthen the capacity of organizations across all sectors to design, implement, and evaluate HIV policies and programs.

In Tanzania, HPI fosters an enabling environment for the scale-up of HIV prevention, care, and treatment and provision of high-quality FP/RH services.

HPI/Vietnam enhances the HIV response by facilitating policy development and implementation, strengthening public sector and civil society leaders and networks, and ensuring use of data for decisionmaking.

USAID | PASCA strives to strengthen the HIV response in the Central American region. The full PASCA website, including materials available in Spanish, can be accessed at

Previous Projects

Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1
Task Order 1 (2005–2010) carried out activities in about 70 countries and regions. Publications, software, and other tools produced by the project can be accessed through the Resources page.

The new Health Policy Project (2010–2015) builds on this work, with an emphasis on strengthening in-country capacity for policy, advocacy, and governance. 

HPI/Peru focused on seven priority regions, where it strengthened policies and capacity to improve health sector performance at the decentralized level. The project also promoted gender equity and culturally appropriate services for indigenous populations.