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December 22, 2009

Health Policy Initiative Launches RETA: Resource Estimation Tool for Advocacy


The USAID | Health Policy Initiative in the Greater Mekong Region and China is pleased to announce the release of a new tool to estimate resource needs for scaling up comprehensive HIV prevention programming for men who have sex with men and transgenders. RETA, the Resource Estimation Tool for Advocacy, estimates the resources needed for a five-year period, based on user inputs of population size estimates, target coverage levels, and local costs of HIV prevention services. It was developed for use by civil society groups and can estimate resource needs at local, municipal, provincial, or national levels. RETA allows users to plan how specific services can or should be targeted at sub-populations of men who have sex with men to more accurately project the funding needs. By comparing the resource estimates with expected resources, RETA estimates the resource gaps.

Download RETA and the user's guide.

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