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Manuals/Guidelines: 53 Documents Found

Bullet A Call to Act: Engaging Religious Leaders and Communities in Addressing Gender-based Violence and HIV  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 492.7 kb)
Bullet A Toolkit for Reducing HIV Stigma and Discrimination in Clinic Settings  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 642.7 kb)
Bullet Addressing Gender-Based Violence Through USAID's Health Programs: A Guide for Health Sector Program Officers  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 977.6 kb)
Bullet Adecuación cultural de la orientación / consejería en salud sexual y reproductiva: documento técnico  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 4,902.5 kb)
Bullet AI Best Practices Guide [2007]
This document is only available in hard-copy.
    Abstract                 ( 0.0 kb)

Bullet AIM: A Computer Program for Making HIV/AIDS Projections and Examining the Demographic and Social Impacts of AIDS  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,084.2 kb)
Bullet A-Squared Advocacy Training Manual  [2007]
  2nd file (pdf 944.4 kb)
    Abstract                 (pdf 34,211.8 kb)
Bullet Assessing Policies and Practices That Affect Contraceptive Financing and Procurement: A Review Guide  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,068.5 kb)
Bullet Baraza Kuu la Waislamu Tanzania: Mwongozo wa Kiislamu Katika Kupambana na Unyanyapaa na Ubaguzi kwa Watu Wenye Virus vya Ukimwi na UKIMWI  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 987.2 kb)
Bullet Capacity Building Program on HIV and AIDS Prevention: Provincial Training Workshop for Faith Based Organizations (South Africa)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 4,572.2 kb)

Bullet Capacity Building Program on HIV and AIDS Prevention: Provincial Training Workshop for Traditional Leaders (South Africa)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 8,395.7 kb)
Bullet Community Treatment Literacy: Recognizing Gender Issues in Adhering to HIV Treatment (Workshop Manual)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 963.8 kb)
Bullet Community-based Access to Injectables: An Advocacy Guide  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 963.3 kb)
Bullet Constructive Men's Engagement in Reproductive Health: A Training-of-Trainers' Manual  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,596.4 kb)
Bullet Contraceptive Security: Ready Lessons II (Overview)  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 831.6 kb)

Bullet Decision Maker's Program Planning Tool (DMPPT): Calculating the Costs and Impacts of a Male Circumcision Program [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,167.4 kb)
Bullet DemProj: A Computer Program for Making Population Projections  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 894.5 kb)
Bullet Developing an HIV and AIDS Policy: Content, Process, Challenges and Implementation (Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management, Modules 12, 13, 14) (South Africa)  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 621.7 kb)
Bullet Family-friendly Workplace: A Model for Estimating the Cost Savings of Implementing Family-friendly Policies (manual)  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 471.9 kb)
Bullet FamPlan: A Computer Program for Projecting Family Planning Requirements  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 996.3 kb)

Bullet Fundamentals of Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing (Ukrainian)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,016.9 kb)
Bullet Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health 101: A USAID Global Health e-Learning Course  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 94.8 kb)
Bullet Gender, Sexuality, and HIV: a Training Module  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,341.1 kb)
Bullet Guía para el desarrollo de políticas laborales sobre VIH  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 407.6 kb)
Bullet Guide for Constructive Men's Engagement in Reproductive Health  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 376.0 kb)

Bullet Guide pour l'Engagement Constructif des Hommes en Santé de la Reproduction  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 392.2 kb)
Bullet Guide to Operations for HIV Coordination Councils (at the local level) (Ukrainian)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 686.2 kb)
Bullet Guidelines for Establishing Centers to Implement Alternative Dispute Resolution to Increase Access to Healthcare  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 709.9 kb)
Bullet Guidelines for the Establishment and Management of Amenity Wards in Public Hospitals in Kenya  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 846.9 kb)
Bullet Hablando sobre nosotros autodiagnóstico comunitario and Construyendo los avances de paz, análisis y planificación  [2009]
  2nd file (pdf 265.2 kb)
    Abstract                 (pdf 316.4 kb)

Bullet HIV Principles and Stigma Reduction Training Curriculum: Addressing HIV and Stigma in the Healthcare Setting in the Middle East and North Africa Region  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 4,751.4 kb)
Bullet HIV Stigma and Discrimination: A USAID Global Health e-Learning Course  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 266.7 kb)
Bullet Identifying Violence Against Most-At-Risk Populations: A Focus on MSM and Transgenders  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 818.3 kb)
Bullet Increasing the Involvement of HIV-Positive Women in HIV Organizations  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 167.1 kb)
Bullet Jumuiya ya Kikristo Tanzania: Mwongozo wa Makanisa Katika Kupambana na Unyanyapaa na Ubaguzi kwa Watu Wenye Virusi vya Ukimwi na UKIMWI  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,097.8 kb)

Bullet L'Engagement constructif des hommes en la sante de la reproduction: une guide de formation des relais communautaires  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,602.2 kb)
Bullet Livelihood Options for Girls: A Guide for Program Managers  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,936.2 kb)
Bullet Lutte contre la violence basée sur le genre dans les programmes de santé de l'USAID: un guide pour les responsables de programmes du secteur de la santé  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 967.7 kb)
Bullet Make a Case for Supplies: Leading Voices in Securing Reproductive Health Supplies: An Advocacy Guide and Toolkit  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,020.0 kb)
Bullet Manual del Facilitador: Orientación/Consejera y sesiones educativas en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva con Adecuación Cultural [2008]
This document is only available in hard-copy.
    Abstract                 ( 0.0 kb)

Bullet National Management Guidelines for the Health Sector Response to and Prevention of Gender-based Violence (GBV)  [2011]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,563.5 kb)
Bullet PRISM: Purple Sky Network Regional Information System on Men Who Have Sex with Men  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,135.9 kb)
Bullet Programas de USAID Aluden a Violencia Basada en el Género: Guía para Functionarios de Programas de Salud  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 958.0 kb)
Bullet Programas sobre VIH/SIDA en el Lugar de Trabajo: Una Guía de Acción para Gerentes  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,478.7 kb)
Bullet RAPID: Computer Programs for Examining the Socioeconomic Impacts of Population Growth  [2000]
  2nd file (pdf 655.6 kb)
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,617.6 kb)

Bullet Resource Estimation Tool for Advocacy (RETA). Version 2.0. User's Guide  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,066.7 kb)
Bullet Restoring Dignity: A Toolkit for Religious Communities to End Violence Against Women  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,451.8 kb)
Bullet Seminar on Policy Approaches to EQUITY in Health: Facilitator Guide  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,154.5 kb)
Bullet Subregional Curriculum: HIV Basics by and for HIV-Positive People in the Middle East and North Africa Region: Investing in MENA Series Volume 2  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 17,381.5 kb)
Bullet Technical Assistance Guide on HIV and AIDS: Programme Implementation (Mentorship Workshop/Policy Champions Program) (South Africa)  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 531.8 kb)

Bullet Training-of-Trainers Curriculum: Building the Training Skills of PLHIV in the Middle East and North Africa Region Volume 1  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 4,372.0 kb)
Bullet User-friendly Guide to the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 5,795.7 kb)
Bullet Women-Centered Curriculum: Addressing HIV among Women and the Gender Dimensions of HIV in the Middle East and North Africa Region Volume 3  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 4,929.2 kb)

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