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Policies/Plans: 24 Documents Found

Bullet Assessing Implementation of Botswana's Program for Orphans and Vulnerable Children  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,316.5 kb)
Bullet Assessment of the Policy Environment for the Integration of Reproductive Health and HIV&AIDS; Services in Ghana  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 12,082.2 kb)
Bullet Contraceptive Security Strategic Plan for Egypt 2006-2010  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,484.3 kb)
Bullet Cost and Impact Scenarios to Inform Development of the Ghana National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS (2011–2015)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 8,193.7 kb)
Bullet District AIDS Action Plan: Allahabad  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,945.2 kb)

Bullet District AIDS Action Plan: Banda  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,352.9 kb)
Bullet District AIDS Action Plan: Deoria  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,263.5 kb)
Bullet District AIDS Action Plan: Etawah  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,410.8 kb)
Bullet District AIDS Action Plan: Mau  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,533.7 kb)
Bullet Fostering Public-Private Partnerships to Reduce Health Inequities in Peru  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,941.1 kb)

Bullet Gender, Sexual Violence, and Operational Barriers to Post-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV in Mexico  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 689.0 kb)
Bullet Ley planificación familiar, un derecho humano: exijamos que se cumpla  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,352.7 kb)
Bullet L'Impact du VIH et du SIDA au Cameroun Á L'Horizon  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,991.4 kb)
Bullet National Policy Guideline for the Health Sector Prevention of and Response to Gender-based Violence (GBV)  [2011]
    Abstract                 (pdf 421.4 kb)
Bullet National Reproductive Health and HIV and AIDS Integration Strategy  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 758.5 kb)

Bullet Plan D'Action National en Faveur des Orphelins et Enfants Vulnerables Vivant en RDC  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,413.4 kb)
Bullet Policy Advocacy Toolkit for Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) for Drug Dependence  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,929.7 kb)
Bullet Policy and Advocacy Initiatives to Support Elimination of Female Genital Cutting in Mali  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 5,742.3 kb)
Bullet Programme National de Lutte Contre le SIDA: Cadre Politique (Haiti)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 95.6 kb)
Bullet Programme National de Lutte contre le SIDA: Plan Strategique National Multisectoriel (2008-2012)  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 377.4 kb)

Bullet Relatório Sobre a Revisào dos Dados de Vigilancia Epidemiológica do HIV  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 824.8 kb)
Bullet Reversing the Trends: The Second National Health Sector Strategic Plan of Kenya (NHSSP II) 2005-2010  [2005]
    Abstract                 (pdf 645.7 kb)
Bullet Revised Costing of Namibia's Third HIV/AIDS Medium Term Plan (MTP III)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 634.6 kb)
Bullet The Impact of HIV and AIDS in Cameroon Through 2020  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,103.1 kb)

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