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Bullet Bolivian Communities Take Action Against GBV  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 86.0 kb)
Bullet Bringing Hope From Bitterness (Kenya)  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 159.8 kb)
Bullet Businesses Unite to Confront Stigma (Jamaica)  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 79.5 kb)
Bullet Capacity-building Workshop Promotes Civil Society Participation in Mexico's HIV Response  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 133.7 kb)
Bullet Caregivers Come Together: HIV-positive Health Workers Form New Network in Kenya  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 953.3 kb)

Bullet Citizen Monitoring in Mali: Project Summary  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 245.7 kb)
Bullet Civil Society Commitment to Collaboration: The Foundation for Effective Advocacy in Chiapas (Mexico)  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 106.4 kb)
Bullet Coming Together: Health Policy Initiative Helps PLHIV Build Stronger Networks  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 431.1 kb)
Bullet Community Activist Combats Stigma (Tanzania)  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 87.0 kb)
Bullet CONAES Ensures a Strong Private Sector Voice in Mexico's HIV Response  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 120.4 kb)

Bullet Declaration Affirms Commitment for Contraceptive Security in Latin America and the Caribbean  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 543.9 kb)
Bullet Demanding Access: Health Policy Initiative Enhances Efforts of HIV Treatment Advocates  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 720.5 kb)
Bullet Dr. Nafsiah Mboi Combats Gender Inequity and HIV in Indonesia  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 63.9 kb)
Bullet Faith Restored  [2012]
    Abstract                 (pdf 150.3 kb)
Bullet Finding Courage in Faith: Religious Leaders Challenge Stigma and Mobilize a Faith-based Response to HIV in Kenya  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,885.4 kb)

Bullet Guatemala Congress Establishes Policy Monitoring Board  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 96.0 kb)
Bullet Happiness at Last  [2012]
    Abstract                 (pdf 158.2 kb)
Bullet HIV Advocacy in China: Stories from the Field. Strengthening Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT)  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 205.6 kb)
Bullet HIV Legal Clinic Opens in Vietnam  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 283.9 kb)
Bullet HIV-positive Women in Mexico Step Out of the Shadows (Mexico)  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,249.3 kb)

Bullet In Ethiopia, Engaging Men in Reproductive Health Promotes Progress for All  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 110.7 kb)
Bullet Indonesia's Islamic Schools Adopt HIV Curricula  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 102.7 kb)
Bullet Investing Wisely: Health Policy Initiative Helps Kenya Improve Health Financing Policies and Systems  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 278.8 kb)
Bullet Islamic Leaders Become a Force for Change in Indonesia's HIV Response  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 119.8 kb)
Bullet Jordan Moves Toward FP Self-sufficiency  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 74.9 kb)

Bullet Kenya Adopts First National Reproductive Health Policy  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 80.7 kb)
Bullet Labor Unions in Mozambique Join the National Response to HIV  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 120.9 kb)
Bullet Laying the Foundation: PLHIV in MENA Share Knowledge, Build a Network  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 131.8 kb)
Bullet Leading the Way: Health Policy Initiative Mobilizes Religious Leader Response to HIV  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,425.8 kb)
Bullet Making Policies Work for People: HIV Legal Clinics and Hotline in Vietnam Ensure that PLHIV Know and Exercise Their Rights  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,126.6 kb)

Bullet Multisectoral Technical Group Promotes Coordinated HIV Response in Niassa Province (Mozambique)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 137.3 kb)
Bullet New Networks Bring Hope to PLHIV (China)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 126.6 kb)
Bullet New Voices For Change in Tanzania  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 93.1 kb)
Bullet On the Right Track: Vietnam Adopts Rights-based Policies for HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 411.5 kb)
Bullet Paths to Leadership for People Living with HIV in the Middle East and North Africa: Project Highlights (Brief)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,066.2 kb)

Bullet PLHIV Break the Silence in Yunnan (China)  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 85.9 kb)
Bullet PLHIV Leaders Emerge in MENA  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 127.9 kb)
Bullet Positive Beginnings: Strong Networks in Vietnam Enable People Living with HIV to Take Charge of Their Futures  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 734.4 kb)
Bullet Raising a Common Voice: Health Policy Initiative Helps NEPHAK Bring PLHIV Together to Pursue Shared Goals  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,937.5 kb)
Bullet Rising to the Challenge: Health Policy Initiative Helps HIV-positive Teachers Tackle Stigma and Discrimination in Kenya  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,321.1 kb)

Bullet Road to Reconciliation  [2012]
    Abstract                 (pdf 169.7 kb)
Bullet Screening Reveals the Role of Violence in Increasing HIV Vulnerability among MSM and Transgenders  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 150.4 kb)
Bullet Sindicatos dos Trabalhadores em Moçambique Aderem à Resposta Nacional Contra HIV  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 145.6 kb)
Bullet Sustaining Policy Change: Health Policy Initiative Helps Foster an Enabling Policy Environment for Reproductive Health in Kenya  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,297.1 kb)
Bullet Tanzania Adopts HIV Law  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 113.7 kb)

Bullet Tanzanian Media Join HIV Response  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 91.5 kb)
Bullet Time to Deliver on Maternal Health and Family Planning Best Practices: White Ribbon Alliances in Asia and the Middle East Make It Happen  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 673.4 kb)
Bullet Vietnam Adopts First HIV Law  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 89.6 kb)
Bullet Vietnam Puts HIV Law into Practice  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 112.4 kb)
Bullet Virtual Communication Network Promotes Contraceptive Security in Latin America and the Caribbean  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 126.3 kb)

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