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Technical Reports: Global: 42 Documents Found

Bullet A Costing Analysis of Selected Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programs in Botswana  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,080.1 kb)
Bullet A Decomposition of Infant Mortality Declines in Developing Countries  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 282.4 kb)
Bullet A Policy Response to Increase Access to Family Planning Services for the Poor in Jharkhand, India  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 852.3 kb)
Bullet Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): The Contribution of Fulfilling the Unmet Need for Family Planning  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 425.3 kb)
Bullet Addressing Gender Issues Related to HIV Treatment Adherence Programs (Activity Report)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,298.0 kb)

Bullet Application of Staffing Needs Module for ART, PMTCT, and VCT in Ghana  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 11,347.5 kb)
Bullet Community Engagement in the PEPFAR Special Initiative on Sexual and Gender-based Violence  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 550.6 kb)
Bullet Community-based Access to Injectables: An Advocacy Guide (French)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 498.5 kb)
Bullet Community-based Distribution of Injectable Contraceptives in Rwanda: An Intervention to Reverse Rural Disadvantage  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 806.5 kb)
Bullet Constructive Men's Engagement in Reproductive Health and HIV in Ethiopia: Facilitating Policy Dialogue  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 546.6 kb)

Bullet Contraceptive Security Index 2006: A Tool for Priority Setting and Planning  [2006]
    Abstract                 (pdf 3,910.3 kb)
Bullet Cost of HIV & AIDS Adult and Pediatric Clinical Care and Treatment in Ghana  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 8,942.5 kb)
Bullet Coverage of selected services for HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment in low- and middle-income countries in 2005  [2006]
  2nd file (xls 577.0 kb)
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,169.9 kb)
Bullet Decision Makers' Program Planning Tool (DMPPT) Regional Training Report: Measuring the Cost and Impact of Male Circumcision  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 213.2 kb)
Bullet Disentangling the Effects of Poverty and Place of Residence for Strategic Planning  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,147.9 kb)

Bullet Engaging People Living with HIV in Citizen Monitoring in Mali  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 666.4 kb)
Bullet Equity and Access to ART in Ethiopia  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 688.0 kb)
Bullet Equity and Access to ART in Ethiopia: Activity Report  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 250.6 kb)
Bullet Fostering Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Access to Family Planning in Rwanda  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 761.6 kb)
Bullet Gender Assessment of the USAID/Egypt Health Program  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,014.5 kb)

Bullet Gender-based Violence and Family Planning Services in Bolivia: A Review of the Evidence through the Lens of the Demographic Health Survey and the Health Policy Initiative Avances de Paz Project  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 747.4 kb)
Bullet Gender-related Barriers to HIV Prevention Methods: A Review of Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Policies for Sexual Assault  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 933.6 kb)
Bullet How Contraceptive Use Affects Maternal Mortality  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 322.8 kb)
Bullet Inequalities in the Use of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services: Implications for Policies and Programs  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 245.7 kb)
Bullet Integrating Gender in Policy Implementation Barriers Analysis: A Methodology  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 546.4 kb)

Bullet Introduction to Population Projections: An E-learning Course  [2008]
    Abstract                 (pdf 522.8 kb)
Bullet Making Family Planning Part of the PRSP Process: A Guide for Incorporating Family Planning Programs into Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 520.3 kb)
Bullet Measuring the Degree of HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination in Health Facilities and Providers  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 972.8 kb)
Bullet Mobilizing Religious Communities to Respond to Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Training Manual  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,334.1 kb)
Bullet Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Military Populations in Zambia: A New Perspective on Vulnerability  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,774.3 kb)

Bullet Paths to Leadership for People Living with HIV in the Middle East and North Africa  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 911.6 kb)
Bullet Policy Barriers to Long-acting and Permanent Method Use in Ghana  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 447.8 kb)
Bullet Policy Implementation Barriers Analysis: Conceptual Framework and Pilot Test in Three Countries  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 275.3 kb)
Bullet Pour que la planification familiale soit inscrite au processus du DSRP: un guide servant à intégrer les programmes de planification familiale aux documents de stratégie de réduction de la pauvreté  [2007]
    Abstract                 (pdf 538.8 kb)
Bullet Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV: An RCH-HIV Integration Model for Uttar Pradesh  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 924.8 kb)

Bullet RCH-HIV Integration to Prevent HIV Transmission from Parent to Child in Karnataka, India  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,121.6 kb)
Bullet Regional Costing Workshops: Costing, Economic Evaluation, and Modeling of HIV/AIDS Programs  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 459.5 kb)
Bullet Review of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in HIV/AIDS Grants Awarded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Rounds 1-7)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,042.6 kb)
Bullet Screening for Violence Against MSM and Transgenders: Report on a Pilot Project in Mexico and Thailand  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,924.4 kb)
Bullet Strengthening Implementation of Gender-based Violence Policies in Bolivia: Analysis and Implementation Advocacy in the Avances de Paz Project  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 1,042.1 kb)

Bullet The Art of Moving from Policy to Action: Lessons Learned from the USAID | Health Policy Initiative (2005-2010)  [2010]
    Abstract                 (pdf 2,150.6 kb)
Bullet The Role of Religious Communities in Addressing Gender-based Violence and HIV  [2009]
    Abstract                 (pdf 640.4 kb)

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