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Moving from Policy to Action

Good policies are important, but they are not sufficient. They must be put into practice. To guide the policy implementation process, Task Order 1 of the USAID | Health Policy Initiative drew on project experiences and lessons learned to design the Policy-to-Action Framework. The framework encompasses 10 major components, ranging from action planning to removal of implementation barriers to monitoring and accountability. The project also developed the Policy Implementation Assessment Tool to assist stakeholders in identifying barriers and facilitators for translating policies into action. Links to these materials are provided below, along with country-specific policy implementation studies and other key policy resources.

General Materials

 Policy to Action thumnail The Art of Moving from Policy to Action
Full Report
 Policy Implementation Assessment Tool Taking the Pulse of Policy: The Policy Implementation Assessment Tool
Full Report
 Making Policy Work Symposium on Moving Policy to Action
Event Page

Country-specific Policy Implementation Studies

Analysis of the Operational Policies Related to Financing and Procuring Contraceptives in Madagascar

Analysis of the Operational Policy Barriers to Financing and Procuring Contraceptives in Malawi

Assessing Implementation of Botswana's Program for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Assessments of National HIV Policy Implementation in Guatemala and El Salvador Help Identify Approaches for Overcoming Barriers to Implementation (Presentation)  

The Health and Population Policy of Uttarakhand: A Review: Application of the Policy Implementation Assessment Tool

Implementing 100% Condom Use Policies in Indonesia: A Case Study of Two Districts in Jakarta

Informing Health Policy Reform: Policy Implementation Assessment Inspires Action in Uttarakhand, India 

Policy Barriers to Long-acting and Permanent Method Use in Ghana

Policy Implementation Barriers Analysis: Conceptual Framework and Pilot Test in Three Countries

On the Right Track: Vietnam Adopts Rights-based Policies for HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care

Rapid Assessment on Policy and Operational Barriers to the Integration of FP/RH/HIV Services in Kenya

Understanding Operational Barriers to Family Planning Services in Conflict-affected Countries: Experiences from Sierra Leone

Other Policy Resources (from the POLICY Project)

Networking for Policy Change: An Advocacy Training Manual

The Policy Circle: A Framework for Analyzing the Components of Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Maternal Health, and HIV/AIDS Policies

Reforming Operational Policies: A Pathway to Improving Reproductive Health Programs