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Other Infectious Diseases

AI Best Practices Guide (Ukranian)The focus of the USAID | Health Policy Initiative is to improve the enabling environment for health, especially family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH), HIV, and maternal health. USAID recognizes that lessons learned from these fields can inform policymaking and programs in other health areas, including for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, avian influenza, and malaria. Moreover, health conditions can overlap-as in the case of malaria in pregnancy or HIV and tuberculosis co-infection. An effective response, therefore, requires that FP/RH, HIV, and maternal health initiatives are linked to efforts to address other infectious diseases. As such, the Health Policy Initiative is designed to assist countries with policy and advocacy issues relating to infectious diseases.

Photo: Cover of the "AI Best Practices Guide" produced in Ukraine. This document is available in Ukranian, in hard-copy only, from our resource collection.