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Other Tools

Policy Implementation Assessment Tool

A supportive policy environment is the foundation on which to scale up effective, sustainable health programs. Good policies are important, but they are not sufficient. They must be put into practice. Yet, even the best policies can encounter implementation challenges. Thus, the life of the policy does not end with its creation, which is in fact only the first step in the policy-to-action continuum. Policies are "living documents." They require various inputs to help them thrive and fulfill their goals. These inputs include clear guidelines and implementation plans, strong leadership, multisectoral stakeholder involvement, adequate and accessible resources, and effective feedback and monitoring systems, among others.

The Policy Implementation Assessment Tool is designed to assist government and civil society advocates to "take the pulse" of policies in their countries. With this information, stakeholders can better understand policy implementation dynamics and identify recommendations for translating health policies into action. Through regular check-ups and renewed commitment, policies can keep on track toward achieving policy goals.

MNPI: Maternal and Neonatal Program Effort Index

The Maternal and Neonatal Program Effort Index (MNPI), carried out with USAID assistance, provides country-specific data for more than 30 developing countries. You can explore the interactive dataset here.